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We are soon to be country folk.  We’ll retain our city-slicker-ness during the week as we both work in the city.  But come the weekend, we are putting on our boots and headed to the woods!  Being city-slickers, we didn’t have proper boots.  How can we be country folk without boots?

Oh no, that cannot abide!  I got new boots last week so we would not be wet-footed-greenhorns!  I was a bit torn about what style of boot I needed.  I have steel-toed rubber boots and I have cowboy-esqe boots.  I have boots with fluffy insides and I have boots with sparkles.  Well, no I don’t.  Anyhow, I figure that running shoes would not work in the woods and I plan to be in the woods and in the fields and generally outside on this property!

Emily actually got her boots at the beginning of winter.  I think she looks hot in her boots.  They are water-proof and snake-proof and termite-proof.  The are so-many-things-proof that I decided to get an identical pair…only mine were half off!  Anyhow, our boots are identical…even in size!

We are ready now.  I got my boots and I got my canvas coat and I got an itchin’ to get outside and enjoy…being outside!  My boots have much work to do in the coming few months!  I have high hopes for these boots.  I am offering up a challenge to my boots.  They gotta be tough.  They gotta be rough.  They gotta be awesome!  Don’t make me break out my sparkley boots!