We are so stupid…or…how my wife became the crazy cat woman

So just about a year ago, we found a little orange kitten on our doorstep.  We nursed it for weeks (my nipples are still sore), we helped it poop and it grew up to be an enthusiastic orange cat.  Somewhere around the same time we got a stray dog named Ginny from the pound.  She had parvo and fleas and whooping cough and scurvy and an ingrown toenail.  Well, she had some of that.  Anyhow, like Seph, the little orange cat, Ginny was fairly expensive.

We have had stray cats all around for quite awhile but today, one got too pathetic for us to watch any longer.  In a moment of weakness, we snatched her up and took her to the vet.  Several dollars later, we now have another cat in our household…another orange cat.

We have been calling this cat “Flash” since she first showed up on our doorstep last fall.  She was skinny and pathetic but seemed to perk right up with the food we left out for her.  She did great through the entire winter and seemed to be fine outside until recently.  We watched her go down hill for awhile but I could not stand seeing a cat die on my doorstep.  So, Flash makes 4 cats in our house.  FOUR FREAKIN’ CATS! (The other two)

Now you never hear about crazy cat men so I am sure this is all Emily’s fault.  She is the new crazy cat lady on our street.  We are so stupid…

15 thoughts on “We are so stupid…or…how my wife became the crazy cat woman

  1. Ah… you make stupid look beautiful. Congratulations on the growing pride. At least this latest one does not have to be nursed. You all are making the world a better place.

  2. I can completely relate to your journey. We are not cat people but ended up with two cats (one of whom was quite literally thrown out of a truck window in front of our car while traveling down the highway). We’ve spent an absurd amount of money saving them, prolonging their lives, and restoring their health.

  3. I don’t think you’ll have room for us to visit any more. Maybe we’ll bring our cat along to visit your cats….maybe we could have Garth and Mick bring their three cats….I guess we’re all cat lovers???

  4. I could easily become a crazy cat lady; my better half does a great job of discouraging my cat collecting activities. =)

  5. Four cats must be the right number, we have been a four cat family for a few years now. We have 4 because we don’t want 5. But I am afraid we will soon be down to 3 because Ms. Grace, our 21+ yr old, has quit taking care of herself, forgets to eat, and sleeps constantly. Waking only by her siezures (which come more frequently now), or by us when we feed her or have to get down the stairs which have become her favorite sleeping place. Soon it will be time for that last vet visit. After that I am sure someone will drop off another, as always seems to be the case here. We never have a shortage of cats.

  6. Well there are lots of crazy cat people out there-so at least you aren’t alone : )

  7. I think my neighbor has a dozen or so cats with more on the way I’m sure! My dogs hate cats. My husband hates cats too! I guess I’ll never be a crazy cat lady! 🙂

  8. Only four??? That doesn’t even get you CLOSE to being in the ‘Crazy Cat People’ category… trust me, I’m an expert on this one!

  9. Trust her, she has many, many cats and she doesn’t even consider HERSELF a crazy Cat Lady!
    You are now 1 up on us. I love my kitty-witties!
    Your nipples are still sore, good grief!

  10. I drove all the way to some holler in Kentucky to adopt our Bella from a shelter out there. She was worth the 6 hour round trip! 🙂 Don’t forget about the email I sent you on potty training them. You can get them all on board!

  11. My daughter says you’re not crazy cat people until the felines outnumber the humans. It gets tricky when the kids leave home.

  12. I met Flash this weekend. She is adorable, not at all like that crazy Septh.

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