Eight is Great!

I have been a bit behind in posting this…Abigail turned 8 this weekend!  Holy cow it is hard to believe how time has passed!  Abigail is a delight (except first thing in the morning) and she brings a smile to my face just thinking about her!

Abigail - age 4

Since this post is about her, I am going to brag a little.  I have said before that we are a bunch of reading fiends.  Both kids tend to get in trouble in school a lot for reading too much.  Normally one wouldn’t think of squelching a child’s desire to read, but my kids read non-stop, even when they are not supposed to be reading.  So, here’s the bragging part – Abigail has more Accelerated Reader points than anyone else in her whole school (not grade) and she is only in 2nd grade.  And I mean she has a lot more points!

Just this morning I had to fuss at Abigail to brush her teeth rather than read.  You see, she got a new book on the Greek and Roman gods.  She is entranced by their stories.  Her fascination with this one though, is that it has the gods’ names written in Greek letters.  She took it upon herself to learn the letters and sounds and copy every god’s name in Greek.  Isn’t that cool?

So, this weekend we had a big party for her at the local rec center.  We rented “the party deck” at the pool and invited family and a bunch of her friends.  Usually the place is not crowded but this weekend another group was there that illustrated every single bad stereotype of West Virginia.  Oh. My. WORD!  In spite of their antics, we had a great time and just stuck to our end of the pool.  It was so fun to see Abigail and a gaggle of little girls running around having an absolute ball!  We ate pizza and drank fizzy drinks and had rainbow colored cupcakes!

My folks and Emily’s people were all in attendance so I suspect we had 30-40 people all together.  Abigail, being a socialite, was delighted to make her rounds and it was really great to see her shine.  Instead of presents, she asked people to donate money to the Red Cross for Japan.  Isn’t she cool!?  Honest to goodness, it was totally her idea.  She started the trend with asking people to donate pet supplies for the shelter last year.  Isn’t she cool?!

Well, we are back to the daily drudge of being an 8 year old.  It’s a grind you know?  Still, I see her and I could not be more proud of that beautiful little girl.  Eight is indeed great!

8 thoughts on “Eight is Great!

  1. My goodness, how proud you and Emily must be!! Congrats on raising a great young lady.
    Happy Birthday, Abigail!!! Obviously, your mom and dad think you ROCK!!

  2. Love your post! She seems like a real gem. My daughter is 8 & 1/2, and I have to agree that eight is an awesome time to be alive.
    Happy birthday Abigail!

  3. Happy Birthday Abigail! Sounds like you had a great party! There is a blog I now follow of a lady who lives in Japan. She has been posting about the different things she has been going through since the earthquake. I’ll email your dad the link.

  4. Happy Birthday, Miss Abigail!!!!
    Warren, I think I am going to call you The Iron Marshmallow! It is precious to hear you talk about her.

    Now about those other people at the pool. Good blog fodder?

  5. Abigail is a great kid and I am definitely super proud of her!

    Angela – I will show her the link. Thanks for the email.

    Capri K – Blogging about the folks at the pool would violate some contracts I am sure. Both Jerry Springer and Steve Wilkos were there fighting for rights. Maury was talking paternity tests too I think…

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