Our house is haunted

Emily was in Florida all week for a training so I was on kid duty.  Call me Mr Mom.  Fortunately, I had some logistical help from family so getting everyone to practice on time was ok.  We really had a great time and I even got all of the laundry and ironing done.  Normally I am not allowed to touch either.  My jobs are dishes, sweeping and toilets…stuff I can’t screw up.  Anyhow, Emily wasn’t there to tell me I couldn’t do laundry so I did it out of spite.

The Ghostbusters shirt was pure coincidence!

Since Emily wasn’t there to do the right thing regarding watching tv with the kids, we decided to watch a ghost hunter show.  They were visiting the Trans-Allegheny Insane Asylum in Weston, WV.  The Asylum is a huge old building where the mentally impared (in all sorts of forms) were sent from pre-Civil War days until the early 1990s.  Emily and I were in an abnormal psychology class together in college and visited the place when there were still patients in residence.  It was much better managed and humane when we were there as compared to when it was “in full bloom” but it was still a horrendous and scary place when we were there.

So, these goof-balls went in and started creeping around listening for spooks and specters of the dead within.  They took pictures of all sorts of stuff and discovered “ghosts” everywhere.  I can’t figure out if those folks actually believed in ghosts or if they were just getting rich making the show.  In either case, the kids and I had a blast debunking their ghosts and spirits.  In so doing, we discovered that our house was full of ghosts too!

Take note of the spirits as indicated by the arrows.  We had discussion with the ghosts and we agreed that we would not exorcise them if they would keep termites away.  We’ll see whether they live up to their end of the bargain…

11 thoughts on “Our house is haunted

  1. We had a ghost at our house when you were very little. On a very dark snowy night the door bell rang. When I went to the door there was no one there. I opened the door and there were no foot prints. We discovered our porch was over the outhouse from years an years prior. We decided someone needed to use it and couldn’t get to it because of the porch….very interesting.

  2. Dude. You guys are like totally haunted. Don’t forget to record sounds, play them backwards, and film everything with night vision lenses!

  3. Funny you should post this since I’ve been thinking that something is in my house lately! lol When I took my shower this morning and came out my tv was on another station than what I was watching before I left the room! Boo!

  4. Have you ever seen the PBS show The Lobotomist? I showed it to my intro to psych students a couple of times (they adore it). Anyhow, the guy who invented lobotomies spent some time at the asylum. Sad, sad stuff (and crazy, as you might imagine!)

  5. Those shows drive me nuts. With so many possibilities from film editing, photoshopping, etc it just amazes me that people actually think it’s real.

    Now your house—that’s haunted. For real. I mean look at those spooky arrows!

  6. Granny, I’m glad you noticed too. I’ve seen arrows everywhere, even on street signs, and always thought I was crazy. I’m glad to see it is really a phenomenon that should be respected and studied.

  7. Abby watches those shows sometimes and cracks us up telling us the same thing! There would be ghosts everywhere according to those ding dongs!

  8. I can’t believe no one asked why we had a popcorn package on the floor…good because I have no idea other than to say I live with two kids who are slobs…

    Emily was not terribly impressed with my letting the kids watch stuff like that but we had a ton of fun!

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