Dirt Road People

We have started talking to some of the folks who live around our property in the woods and they are absolutely wonderful people.  One neighbor and I were talking about the view from atop our mountain.  He talked with a sparkle in his eye about when he first came to the ridge.  One view and he said that he felt like he could never leave.  It’s funny but that is pretty much the exact same reaction I had.  There is something about that ridge that leaves me in awe.

The view is incredible for sure but there is something else that makes it special.  Driving up there is a lesson in roads.  We start on interstate, do a little time on nice paved roads, then move on to a “paved” road, and finally dirt.  Our road is not dirty or sort of like dirt.  It is plain and simple a dirt road.  When I was a kid, there were lots of dirt roads around home.  Lots of people lived on some dirt road or another.  It seems like most of those dirt roads have since been paved and I think the pavement took a little something away from those roads.

Dirt roads are a different world.  Maybe it’s about being someplace simpler or maybe it’s reminiscent of old times.  Of course, maybe I just like playing in the dirt.  Either way, part of what makes our ridge special is that dusty old dirt road.

The neighbor and I were talking about how the world works and he said something along the lines of, “it doesn’t matter what happens ‘out there’.  We are just dirt road people and things just make sense up here.”  I am sure that is a paraphrase but it’s the absolute truth.  Regardless of what happens, “out there”, dirt roads just make a lot of things make sense.  While we are not full-blooded dirt road people yet, I like to think that a big part of my heart is up on our ridge and that I have a “dirt road person” inside of me ready to bloom!

7 thoughts on “Dirt Road People

  1. I think that pictured is a ‘dirt’ road. Here in Iowa, what we call a dirt road is actually edina clay which when wet, sticks to all wheels and feet that tread upon it. Walk down an Iowa dirt road in spring and your feet will be 50 lbs a piece in less than 100 yards. Driving is impossible.

  2. As a former “dirt road” person I think I can enlighten you a little.
    Until they paved our gravel road, life here was a slower paced existance. Fewer people came this way because of the condition of the road. All vehicles had the country road 2 tone paint job…. dirt from the door handles down. And when you purchased a vehicle you looked for ground clearance, durability and how much snow it would go through. I used to watch the “Myth Busters” TV show until they “BUSTED” the theory that gravel road people know for a fact, that the faster you go down a rutted gravel road smooths out the ride. You cannot “simulate” a washboard gravel road, and the difference between driving 20mph and 45mph down one must be experienced. Since they have paved our road we get a lot more traffic and the average speed is more like 60mph. Ok I got off on a tangent, dirt roads are different than gravel roads. Dirt roads are a marvel all their own and driving down one and enjoying the view is one of the greatest treasures in life. When you come upon one, your foot naturaly eases off the accelerator, your eyes are drawn to the marvels of nature and you arm naturaly lifts to wave at the friendly people who live there.

  3. Dirt roads are made for 4-wheeling! When we find a dirt road out where we live we have to drive out it to see what we will find!

  4. The same town you grew up in had dirt streets when I was growing up. We had great sled riding in the winter, mud for pies in the rainy season and as you say slow traffic so children could play safely. The town is still small but the traffic doesn’t slow down and look around. It’s good here but different that it used to be.

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