Our woods

We spent our time at the property on Saturday walking in the woods.  Our plan was to walk more of the property line as we still haven’t seen the entire place.  We did hike the better part of the boundary and discovered all sorts of excellent things!  Except for the constant chatter of kids, the sounds of the woods were magnificent.  Actually, the chatter wasn’t so bad either as the kids were having fun.

When I was a kid, hiking in the woods was not high on my list of fun.  I played in the woods a lot but plain old hiking wasn’t good for me.  I was so surprised that Isaac and Abigail walked the entire 2 miles in the woods with only a small handful of complaints.  Incredible!

We did walk the better part of the lower edge of the place and saw all sorts of beautiful flowers and animal tracks of all sorts.  There were too many deer tracks to even keep track of but the kids tried to identify every print they came across.

That's Abigail's finger...she's the brave one

We spooked a turkey and saw the biggest centipede the kids had ever seen.  We found just a little bit of poison ivy and a lot of slippery moss.  Squirrels barked and birds announced our path through the woods.  All around us was noise but it felt like silence.  It was marvelous walking in our woods and this weekend was the reason we bought the place!  I am absolutely positive that my blood pressure is still lowered because of it!

10 thoughts on “Our woods

  1. And you wonder why we moved back to the country when you were little.

  2. Great pictures of the outing! Perfect raccoon footprint. You have a beautiful piece of land, but you know that already. 🙂

  3. What great weather for hiking! Always fun to keep track of how many different kinds of wildflowers and tracks you can find.

  4. Nice photos. What an adventure. I used to love springtime in the woods, before the mosquitos got to thick to enjoy it. So did you ever find any morels?

  5. I’ll have to find my animal track identification papers and send them to you. Looks like your property has a very nice old logging road that runs around it. Ours has grown up. I can’t get my husband to dig it back out. I’m hoping he goes away for a week and I know well in advance! I’ll surprise him! lol I want a road! Do you think he’d get mad?

  6. It looks most loverly! I especially like the picture of Emily and the kids. Are you going to build a house out there?

  7. So you made it down to Bucket Run! I wish the old log cabin was still standing down there, but I think it’s pretty much rotted away. We never could contact the owner to buy it. It was perfect way back when.

    I can see wild phlox, wild geranium, maybe creasy greens, and possibly golden ragwort in your pictures? The raccoon track is awesome. It looks like you had a great day, and for a change the weather was cooperative.

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