Best party ever!

I turned 40 last week.  Holy CRAP!  I am 40!  Oh, I know, you can’t believe it since I look so incredibly young and fit, but it’s true.  I am 40!  The night before my birthday, one of my friends texted me wanting me to meet him for breakfast.  I didn’t think anything of it so I agreed and we had a good feed at Panera.  I wandered into the office around 9 and found my office fully…uh…decorated.  It didn’t occur to me that I was being stalled at breakfast, honestly.  I texted pics to Emily and she said, “you idiot, what did you think he was doing?”

40th birthday cake

40th birthday cake

I took off  the day before my birthday and my…uh..friends in the office spent a good deal of time…uh…decorating.  They didn’t quite finish so breakfast was for the final touches.  Anyhow, they did an awesome job and it was a great start to my day!  I pretty much walked around in circles all day and admired myself in the mirror as well as the decorations in my office.

40th birthday balloons 40th birthday - trashed office

4 rolls of toilet paper went into the making of this surprise!

40th borthday - trashed office 40th birthday gifts

They were so generous!  They even got me Geritol and Ensure!

Handicap parking sticker on my chair mat
This was my favorite part - on my chair pad

After work, Emily had set up a big party with some family and friends at a local bowling alley.  A few months ago she was talking about a more formal dinner party and I said that it wasn’t really my style.  I am more bowling alley than sit down dinner, you see.  So, we switched gears and I had a great party in the bowling alley!

I guess most people stress out about turning 40.  They feel old and out of touch and sloppy and all of that but I just don’t feel any of that stuff.  I still act like a 13 year old most days actually.  I don’t know, I like turning 40 and I am pretty proud to cross over into a new demographic on all of the forms and surveys from now on.  Someday I may be tempted to buy a Buick, but for now, I am not ready to grow up!

9 thoughts on “Best party ever!

  1. The cake is so you. What a great celebration….remember 40 isn’t old if you’re a tree!!!

  2. Happy belated, Warren! That cake is a trip. I’m not very far behind you.

    As for the stocking, yes, my grandmother made them! We have a bunch of them, so I’ve never bothered with store bought stockings. I figure these have more love and character!

  3. Happy Birthday Warren! I will not admit that I’m older than you! I just will not admit that at all! I’m still trying to convince my kids that I’m 29. 😉

    Looks like the office did a great job at getting you too! 🙂 Did I see a bottle of Viagra on your desk! lol Wish I know how to make these little icons laugh!

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