I already know all of those words Dad

We don’t watch a lot of television and I am often reminded of exactly why.  The other day, we were sitting down to watch some tv show during prime-time.  Things started out pretty much as most tv shows start…you know, with cussing.  I cringed a little inside because as much as I enjoy a good cuss now and then, it is an odd situation when you’re sitting with your 8 year old and some stranger on tv demonstrates the range of their vocabulary.  I am pretty realistic and a bit sexist I guess but I figure Isaac already knows most of the standard compliment of cuss words.  In fact, he has used a great number of colorful words on me.  Anyhow, there is just something not right about hearing cussing around your little daughter.

I looked over at Emily and then at Abigail and I guess she picked up on my discomfort.  “Did you hear all of those cuss words, Dad?”  “Yes Abigail, I heard them.”  “Don’t worry Dad, I already knew them.  Isaac taught me most of them.”  That’s a relief…I guess.  My gaze turned to Isaac and he had the sudden need to go study…something.

So, we still have tv and the kids still get to watch it.  They can watch any channel they like so long as it is the Weather Channel.  The kids still yell at each other, but I don’t mind.  “Hey Cumulonimbus face, your occluded front is running down your chin like the Noreaster tears across New England.”  “Oh yeah, well  the barometric pressure is making the dew build up on your weathervane of a nose!”

5 thoughts on “I already know all of those words Dad

  1. I think I am okay with the cussing because at least I can explain it by saying, “I better not here those words from you or so help me…”

    What really worries me is what to say when my daughter hears a commercial, turns to me and asks, “Dad, what is erectile dysfunction?”

  2. I wish you luck with your endeavor. I raised my children not to swear too. I was very careful about the way I talked at home and around children. No “F” bombs allowed in my house. However, after all of my children moved out, they used to relish getting together at home and seeing who could shock the “‘rents” the worst. They would say things that would send a sailor running for cover. Until I would put a stop to it.

  3. Ed – I think you may be right…those talks are much more difficult and possibly a lot more common even than cussing on tv…argh!

    D.A. – I know, right?

    GW – I still like doing that to my parents…I guess it’s natural!

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