The 24th

Here it is, the day before Christmas! We trimmed our tree about a week or so ago. We have been listening to Christmas music since Thanksgiving and all of our presents were purchased online and delivered a week or more ago. So, what does that leave us to do on Christmas Eve? Clean of course! Santa won’t come to a messy house! Let’s see, we also had a big fight and we baked Noah’s Ark Christmas cookies. It’s pretty typical Christmas Eve fare for us.

The 2011 Christmas tree
The 2011 Christmas tree!
Naptime with the cat!
Naptime with the cat!

Wait, what? It all sounds familiar except the Noah’s Ark cookies. Doesn’t everyone do Noah’s Ark at Christmas? Ever since we lost all of our typical Christmas cookie cutters, we have gone with Noah’s Ark. Santa really loves sugar cookies and especially if they are covered in super thick, rich sugary icing (yeah, he told me exactly how he likes them so I can relay that to Abigail, our decorator). Emily and Abigail mixed up the dough this morning while I went on an egg nog run. Emily, Abigail and I cut out and baked the cookies and Abigail has decorated them. She is such a trooper. Isaac is more of a bum but I am sure that he supported us in spirit anyhow. It’s hard to say as he is up in his bedroom trying to escape our over-the-top rendition of White Christmas.

Cookie decorating Cookie decorating

A pig and an elephant cookie
A pig and an elephant cookie
That's how she decorates cookies!
Icing - extra thick!  For Santa of course
Icing - extra thick! For Santa of course

Anyhow, it’s such a pleasant and sunny day that it is hard to get into a proper Christmas spirit in the usual way. Instead, we are doing our best to get all of our family traditions in a row so the kids will have proper discussion for their therapy sessions when they are adults. They might as well get their money’s worth, right? Merry Christmas and happy Noah’s Ark day!

7 thoughts on “The 24th

  1. LOVE Abigail’s headband and the cookies!
    Is that the Little Orange Kitten sleeping on you??? What a big Palooka!
    Merry Christmas to my favorite West Virginians!

  2. Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas! We made cookies but I didn’t do the icing. We put sprinkles on them instead. They are not my favorite cookies at all.

    I had to come by to tell you that I seen with my own eyes just yesterday at Krogers at Ashton Place the Easter candy you were talking about! I just can’t believe it! But I seen it! 🙂

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