Welcome Spring!

I get these streams of consciousness in my head sometimes so it may be tough to stitch my thought pattern together but I was listening to XM radio the other day. The WWI-Snoopy-Red-Barron song came on and it made me think about time.

I got to thinking about how time flies and the Snoopy song made me realize that my Grandpa, who is 97, was alive during WWI. My paternal Grandpa fought in WWI. I suppose it doesn’t seem quite like yesterday, but with the rate at which time is flying for me, I can imagine it might not seem like such a distant past to my Grandpa.

This scene was quickly followed by a headlock and noogie!
This scene was quickly followed by a headlock and noogie!

Isaac turned 12 and Abigail is going on 9. Where did that time all go? Why am I spending time at work? Wouldn’t it be nice to just enjoy every minute of their fleeting childhood? Hmmm…well, maybe not every moment. Isaac is a pre-teen now and showing his colors very well.

Spring is in the air?  Really?
Spring is in the air? Really?

Anyhow, I got to thinking about why time flies so fast and it is all about retail, I am convinced! I was in the local grocery store the other day and noticed that they have Easter candy out already! It’s not even Christmas! I get building up for a holiday but really? Easter in December? Time flies though so it will be here soon enough.

Easter candy is almost gone...in December?
Easter candy is almost gone...in December?

We received a catalog in the mail from a big outdoor clothing place. They were advertising their end of Winter sale…it wasn’t even Winter yet but it’s over already?!

I don’t want time to fly as a general rule.  I do enjoy (almost) every moment with the kids and with Emily and I want those times to slow down.  But Winter?  Nope…come on Spring!

4 thoughts on “Welcome Spring!

  1. It will be here before you know it. The days are already getting longer. Haven’t you noticed. Wow, it’s almost summer.

  2. Come west… you can have the feeling of spring, skip some work, and enjoy some of the fleeting childhood stuff! I hope time slows down enough for you and your family to enjoy a merry Christmas! (It hasn’t passed, right?!)

  3. That song came out Dec. 17, 1966 I was just 12 years old, your son’s age, at the time. The world was sooo different back then. Days just dragged by then. Now days are like seconds, months are like minutes and years fly by like hours ago. Cherish all the time you can with your children. Make lots of memories with them.

  4. Wow! Only in West Virginia??? That is just crazy to see Easter things at Christmas! I guess you can beat the crowds and go ahead and stock up for Easter and get both holidays out of the way at once! 🙂

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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