Bee poop and skeeters

One of these things does not belong…well, really neither thing belongs but bee poop in the middle of February is not too uncommon.  There are usually a few warmish days here and there where the bees can get out and flex their…guts.  It has been a super mild winter for us so the bees have actually had a pretty regular schedule for keeping…regular.  I guess it has been awhile though because on Wednesday when it was so sunny (and I was out of town for work), the bees covered my car in yellow poop.

Bee Poop! Bees at the hive entrance

Now I know you are wanting to ask so go ahead and ask – Warren, does bee poop stink?  For science, of course, I decided to do the sniff test.  I am (not so) pleased to report that I have an answer…bee poop does stink!  Now I didn’t take too many samples, but we may have to let other labs verify my results.  So, dear friends, you have just witnessed science in action!

The only good mosquito is a dead mosquito!

In other science news, mosquitoes do not belong.

Also, mosquitoes do not belong outside in February, but just last week as I returned from the great out of doors and a dirty rotten mosquito followed me in the house.  I know what she was after.  Mosquitoes don’t care a lick for me but they absolutely love Emily.  I really don’t mind mosquitoes themselves, but the was they make Emily whine and fuss is my problem.  I killed that dang whine-making mosquito in a preemptive strike.  I have no regrets.  It had to be done.

Since we are doing science here, folks, I want to take an opportunity to draw the correlation between bee poop and skeeters.  I checked around and 9 out of 10 living creatures agree – both bee poop and skeeters stink!  There you have it!  Science rules!

Stay tuned dear friends, in our next post, we will discuss the maths!

9 thoughts on “Bee poop and skeeters

  1. I am concerned with this winter being so mild the bugs (fleas and mosquitos in particular plus those dreaded stinkbugs) will be more awful than usual.

    Why did I not know bee poop was bright yellow and stinky?

  2. I never thought about bee poop stinking Warren! But now I know! 🙂 I have been seeing flies around my house already this year. Way too early! I hope the big snow storm this weekend takes care of some of those bugs but not the bees!

  3. Hi Robert and thanks for the links. We call those things mosquito hawks. This thing was much smaller though maybe it was a juvenile? He didn’t last long enough to do too much checking!

  4. Well Mr. Wizard I certainly enjoyed your bee poop science experiment.
    Next I suppose you will try to litter train them.
    We call them Mosquito Eaters here, but whatever it was it was almost big enough to have mounted and hung on the wall. Quite a trophy for February.

  5. I live in Texas the place where I work is covering our cars with this so called BEE POOP. How do we take care of our cars? If we do not was our card on a daily basies it will eat the paint off the car. This is a problem so I know it is a soulation.

  6. I don’t tend to wash cars often so I don’t know about the effect on paint. I mean, I just ignore and eventually the rain gets it I guess. I don’t have bad paint but I am not picky either…sorry I can’t be of help

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