Apple of my eye

I got a camera quite awhile ago (the beginning of December) and have tinkered some with it but never bothered to read the manual.  Having a full male chromosome set, that should surprise no one I suppose.  I had a thing I had to do for work that required a few pictures which were turning out terribly and I was sure it was because of the settings I was using.  The camera is supposedly decent (and it had better be for the price I paid) so I knew it was capable of taking ok pictures.

Macro picture of an apple Macro picture of Emily's eye

After I found the manual holding up the table leg in the basement craft area, I discovered that I was in fact using improper settings.  I also discovered that I could take macro pictures.  I also learned that many cameras have a macro setting (it’s the picture of the flower on the settings dial) that really takes nice close-up pictures.  It may not be as nice as a true macro lens on a fancy camera but I was pretty happy with the discovery nonetheless!

These views don’t really do the pics justice…click on each of them for the larger view…I was sort of blown away!

8 thoughts on “Apple of my eye

  1. Oh, so perfect for Valentine’s Day coming up! Emily, now you have to be nice to him because he pretty much said “I love her” to the whole blogging world. 🙂
    On a side note: I won’t tell anyone you read the manual. You might lose ‘man’ points or something.

  2. Welcome to macro, Warren!!! I LOVE the macro setting on my camera, and frankly I just love my camera…I’ve never ventured far in the manual it came with, either (I really need to) Keep on shooting, can’t wait to see more great pics!

  3. I have that little flower Warren!!!!! I will have to try it!

    I really need to figure out my camera. I think I have had it for 2 years and I have NO IDEA where the insrtuction book is. I like the IDEA of knowing how to take a great picture, I lack follow through.

    Both pictures are very cool. Emily does have a most beautimous eye.

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