My two favorites

I was rotting my brain a few minutes watching The Voice.  It’s a pretty cool show where judges listen to the performers but do not see them.  Their performances are judged initially on talent alone.  It’s pretty neat to strip away appearances and the judges are pretty cool about the whole thing.  It got me to thinking about stuff.  I am not even sure I can pinpoint what was going through my head but I looked back over our old pics, trying to find my favorite pictures of the kids.  I knew the exact pictures of each kid that I call my favorite.  The hard part was finding them.  I have 8 years of digital pics to run through.

The cutest kids in the world! The cutest kids in the world!

Anyhow, I think it is funny about what makes things my favorite things.  The kids’ hair-dos are not the most styled, the scenery isn’t all that special.  Still, there is something that makes me love these pics.  In one picture (somehow), I can almost see every day and every awesome memory from the day they were born until now.  Isn’t that strange?

I am not judging The Voice but I am so happy to be a coach on The Life!  The potential on my team…incredible!

5 thoughts on “My two favorites

  1. Their potential is incredible and how quickly you will see the potential reached. They are great kids with great parents.

  2. I like watching the Voice but I don’t like how they actually find the singers before the show starts kind of deal.

    Cute pictures of your kids! I can see why those are your favorites. I have some of my kids that are my favorites. Well, I have too many of my kids that are my favorites! lol

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