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Some things

Sometimes it seems like this thing with kids may drive me nuts.  Abigail is taking flute lessons and during her practice sessions, one might think that the flute is made of acid and barbed wire.  Within a few notes, she often goes into fits of frustration that cause the cats to run.  And Isaac…sometimes homework is just too tough to turn in.  Doing it isn’t a problem, but turning it in is over the line.  What parent would expect a kid to both do homework and turn it in?!

My pretty wife!

Seph baby

So, frustration has been a little elevated at the house and some perspective was due.  The other night, when tornadoes were ravaging various parts of the country, we too were under tornado warnings.  The weather radar showed pretty ugly stuff headed our way so we headed to the basement.  It was a strange time and luckily, we had no truly severe weather.  It sort of makes the little storms about homework and flute lessons a little less important.

The cat - leave me alone


No need to get all serious or anything…in fact, here is a picture of Flash during our time in the basement.  She was not impressed.  We had all of the animals with us except for Madeline, our oldest cat.  We sort of figured that she has had a good life (at age 16) and hanging out with the other critters might kill her outright.  Isaac attended our time in the basement but he had a Flash-like look as well.

I don't care! Kids are so cool!

A blog-friend of mine, Maria, often posts pictures and titles it, “Moments like this”.  As funny as it sounds, our tornado drill was a moment that was sort of special “like that”.

Close-up of a maple bloom

Well, the next day, we went out and were very thankful that we were unscathed.  In fact, I saw these maple blooms that seemingly came out in the storm.  Aren’t maple blooms cool?  The bees are enjoying them as well so spring must surely be near!  It was good for all of us to get realigned.  Spring is near afterall…no time for worrying about silly stuff when there are maple blooms to be seen!

Bees…on the flower setting

A little while ago I posted about my discovery of the flower setting on my camera.  I never knew I could take macro pictures without buying a lot of special equipment.  I think I have always liked close-ups better than landscapes as a general rule and now I can take mediocre pictures in both formats!

Ok, so before you go on, you have to promise me you will click on these pics and get the close-up view…this thumbnail view doesn’t do them justice!  Promise?  Ok then…

Activity at a few of the hives
Activity at a few of the hives
Close-up of honeybees
Two bees are kissing...

So I was home at lunch the other day and the bees that remain at the house (4 hives…only until April or so when I move them to the country) were super active.  I put some sugar water on them to feed them a little since there isn’t much blooming yet.  Maples should bloom any time now but they aren’t out yet.  Anyhow, sugar water always makes them very active (not in a bad way) and the bright sun made it even more so.

Close-up of honeybees
Loads of pollen!
Close-up of honeybees
Do you see the load of pollen?

As I watched, I noticed that there was a ton of pollen coming in from somewhere.  I saw bright yellows and greens and everything in between.  Bees flying with pollen are often pretty funny to watch.  They can be so packed down that they look like they are a wounded plane coming in after battle, just barely in the air but still making it.

Close-up of honeybees
Awesome yellow pollen!
Close-up of honeybees
Bees at the door

I sat down in their flight path and used my flower setting and took a bunch of close-up pics.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!