There’s a mouse in there!

Isaac and I finished moving the bees last weekend.  We took a little time to check on the solar fence set-up and generally make sure things are ready for the summer bee season.  I wanted to verify that my deep-cycle battery was healthy after being out in the “winter” so we opened the box that contains the controller, fence charger and battery.

Mouse house
Mouse house

Where I grew up out in the boonies, mice were a fact of life.  No one really liked them being around much but they were in everyone’s houses.  They mostly ran off when we were around and didn’t usually tear up too many things.

Cute little field mouse
Mister Mouse
A little field mouse
He's just so cute

It’s been awhile since I have had any mice around so imagine my surprise when I opened the box with the battery and saw a mouse house.  Imagine my further surprise when mister mouse stuck his head out.  At first he just flipped me the middle paw but after he saw I was serious about evicting him, he scooted out.  I sort of hated to make him move but I figured it was only a matter of time until he caved into the pressure of chewing on the wires that are abundant in his new apartment.  It was pretty obvious where he was coming and going to I patched that up and am hopefully done with my little friend.

Also, here is a picture of some lovely little flowers…we call them bluettes:


5 thoughts on “There’s a mouse in there!

  1. I like mice, too. You are right about him chewing wires though. You did the right thing. Good thing is wasn’t Mrs. Mouse and her babies. Then you’d have a problem.

  2. I called him Mr Mouse to shelter myself from the fact that it was probably a pregnant Ms Mouse I ousted. The terror!

  3. Years ago I shot a mouse in our old farm house with my trust BB gun! 🙂 I don’t care for the furry little critters at all!

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