You should see the other guy!

Isaac got into a fight this weekend.  His eye got all messed up but you should see his nemesis…dead.

The yard before timming
The yard before timming

But let’s back up a second.  Sunday was a beautiful day so we decided to head out to the country to work on some things.  We planted several fruit trees and blueberry bushes over the last few weeks.  We needed to water them and also to surround them with fences to keep the deer and other critters out.  The weeds had also gotten sort of out of control a bit too so I need to run the trimmer.  It seemed like a perfect time to head out and enjoy some time together.

The yard after trimming
The yard after trimming

So, I ran the weed trimmer all over the place even trimming up against the beehives.  I figured that I would be met with a few angry bees but I ran the trimmer within 20 feet of the hives for around a half an hour.  I didn’t get so much as a single sting.

Poor kid got stung in the eyelid by a bee
Poor kid got stung in the eyelid by a bee

We dug and set 7 fence posts in concrete and then I broke out the tiller to break up some new ground to plant a few green beans.  The kids were sitting in the shade somewhat nearby reading their books.  So, I started tilling and the bees started in on me.  I got 3-4 stings pretty quickly on but I decided to push on through.  The kids and Emily were not having any trouble so I figured they didn’t like the tiller motor.  I got maybe a dozen stings all together but no one else had trouble.  Now why on earth I could run a trimmer right up against their hives without a problem baffles me since the tiller was a fair distance away.  Anyhow, Isaac got a sting in the lower eyelid.  It looked sort of ugly pretty quickly and went down hill from there.  He was feeling pretty miserable and just needed to lay down and rest some I think.  Poor kid…but you should see his attacker…she’s dead.


5 thoughts on “You should see the other guy!

  1. Oh dear, my poor grandson. Glad to hear the other guy is dead. Hope the swelling went down before school today so another guy wouldn’t try for the other eye.

  2. I sure do hope that Isaac is doing better today! That is pretty scary looking to me. I would keep some Benadryl with me at all times working around those bees. Well, I always have some kind of allergy medicine in my purse. Dang allergies!

    lol No math problems for me today! School must be out already! lol

  3. Isaac is feeling ok but his poor eye and face are still swollen pretty badly. We went to the doc to get some steroids to reduce the swelling so hopefully that will get the swelling reduced soon.

    I took the captcha off because a user reported that it didn’t always work. I tested it some and found the same issue…sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t…

  4. Poor Isaac! That has got to be one of the worst places to be stung. It’s amazing how long it can take the swelling to go down.

    Love the pictures after trimming! I mowed on Saturday, grumbling the whole time because it’s not my favorite job, but holy cow the place looks a million times better now.

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