Deeper than a holler

The kids are staying with my parents in PA this week.  They finished school a week earlier than Emily so it was a perfect opportunity for them to visit up in Yankee-land.  So we delivered them over the weekend and spent some time with family.  I always think back to my roots when I “go back home”.  I live in a city now, albeit a small one.  I have lived in a big city and several places in between.  Cities can be fun and all but I am and always will be a country boy.

Sitting on the front porch
Sitting on the front porch...just catching up

Ok, so when I go back home, I get to pondering.  I don’t want to sound all sappy and stuff, but it’s so simple to enjoy the simple things.  It’s dark and quiet where I grew up.  Most nights you can hear the whippoorwills and see more stars than you can count.  Most days there is nothing better than riding around the yard on a lawn tractor doing whatever you feel like and playing in the hose (does anyone else say it like that?) or sitting on the front porch talking and napping.  It is pretty hard to beat living like that I think.

Kids on the garden tractor
Abigail isn't heavy enough to keep the seat sensor depressed!

Anyhow dear friends, it occurs to me that some of you may not have ever heard a whippoorwill’s song.  It’s simple but sort of an anthem to country living and you simply must hear its call.  My mom and I walked around one night until we got pretty close to one singing so I could record it.    Have a listen:

Being kid-less this week also makes me remember back to when Emily and I first met and fell in love (we still are of course, but those first years are so special).  Anyhow, as much as I love country living, I love Emily deeper than any holler and taller than any pine tree, tall upon the hill…so, since I can’t sing with a durn, let’s all enjoy a little Randy Travis singing my thoughts to Emily

10 thoughts on “Deeper than a holler

  1. Playing in the hose? I don’t even think I can make an educated guess on that one.

    Like you, I grew up in the country but have now lived over half my life in the city. Long enough that when I find myself out on the family farm after dark, I am taken aback by the brilliance of the milky way, something I never see in the city.

    Love the whippoorwill though I don’t always hear them in the evenings this far west. For me, the sound of nighttime on the farm is coyotes howling.

  2. We can hear the whippoorwill’s around our house all the time. I love their singing. I’m not sure I’ve seen one though.

    That’s so sweet what you posted about your wife! Glad you guys got to enjoy a kid free week!

  3. You old romantic, you!

    As an English girl who’s hardly been off her home turf, I’ve never had the chance to hear a whippoorwill in “real life” although I’ve sung “My Blue Heaven” often enough! How amazing to have achieved such a clear recording. And thank you for sharing.

  4. Loved the whippoorwill-sounds just like mine : ) And I think the love you have for your wife is just as lovely as the whippoorwill!

  5. I’ve lived in both city and country. Not sure I could go back the suburbia and the noise it involves.
    Makes me sigh when men profess their love for their sweeties. ((sigh))

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