I have a brother…which of course means I am a brother.  My brother and I are long time best of friends…as long as he has been alive anyhow.  We have fought like wild animals of course (sorry brother…I really do hate how awful I was to you sometimes!), but we also were about as close as can be growing up.  I think I “had his back” a few times too.

My Brother

We have “got all growed up” and moved apart which makes it harder to be as close as we were but when we do get together, it’s like we were never apart.  Oh yeah, he has a backhoe…that makes it easier.  He has a firetruck too.  It’s not hard to go back to being kids with toys like that!

My Brother

Anyhow, my brother had a birthday a few days ago and I plum forgot to call him.  We don’t send cards in our house as I would rather express my sentiments in a conversation rather than with an overpriced card that someone else wrote.  You would think that the ease of calling the day of the special event would be easy…no need to plan ahead to account for the postal service, etc.  Still, I forgot.

In addition to not sending cards, we also have a tradition of singing “Happy Birthday” in a manner we call “Loud and Proud”.  If you have ever heard the camp song that includes the line, “a little bit louder and a whole lot worse”, you get the idea of how it progresses.  So, we called my brother and left him a message with an extra helping of “a whole lot worse”.  I hope my brother had a happy birthday and that he will forgive his older brother for nearly forgetting…no age jokes here please…

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  1. Don’t you worry Warren, us younger brothers are a pretty forgiving bunch. I hope he had a great birthday and you can always make it up to him the next time you see him. Try giving him a great big hug and being extra special nice to him. That will get him so off balance worrying about what you are up to, that he will forgive about anything.

  2. Grey Wolf you’ve got the picture. Warren has a way of keeping us all off balance.

  3. Warren, I just found your blog, and am enjoying flipping through it! I have a question: Back almost 3 years ago ( ) you told about making liquid stevia from the leaves using water and using vodka, but I can’t find where you posted the results. Which was better, or was neither good enough to continue? Also, you mentioned in a comment that you wanted to try making vanilla extract. Did you?

  4. Goodness, I’ve been remiss in commenting on blogs—yours included.
    Did your brother forgive you for not calling? I hope so.

  5. Hi bookworm. Th stevia was…meh. If you are in to cheap vodka, it might be more interesting but for me, I couldn’t get past that taste to make it worthwhile. I am sure it worked but it just wasn’t valuable to me. I didn’t make vanilla but I did make almond extract though…that’s pretty cool…same general idea basically. Def worth a try!

  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Not a problem, as I was at the beach relaxing, not really looking at the phone at all.
    Have fun at the beach this week.

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