An oldie but a goodie

Today Emily turns 40.  I remember when my Mom turned 40.  I can remember that.  How can it be possible that Emily is 40?!  I am not saying anything bad…afterall, I am 40 also.  But still, it is hard to believe all of the years we have spent together…wonderful years!

My lovely bride…more beautiful than ever at 40!

Emily declared that she did not want a big party for her 40th birthday, but rather, she wanted to spend it at the beach.  As you know, we are at the beach and it has been an absolutely wonderful time!  I think she is right, when you get to be this old, the heat feels pretty good and there are plenty of restaurants that offer early bird specials!

Shell with a heart shaped mark
I found this shell with a heart…it was a sign!

Oh, just kidding!  I love Emily and am so pleased that I get to share her 40th birthday with her and the kids!  I look forward to the next 40+ years together as well!  Happy birthday wife!  Wait, let me type in caps so she can hear…HAPPY BIRTHDAY WIFE!

4 thoughts on “An oldie but a goodie

  1. You know what’s funny…two of our friends, both named Susanna(h), are also birthday girls today! Must be a good day!

  2. I’ll tell you what even strangers, Warren: Devon’s wife Louise (used to live where Mark and Spring now live) shared the same birthday. That’s three women on this ridge with the same birthday!

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