Not another fancy restaurant!

We have a few traditions at the beach.  We eat Oreos and Chips-Ahoy cookies.  We eat Lucky Charms cereal for breakfast and sandwiches with pickles at lunch.  Most importantly, at supper time, we eat seafood at some local seafood joint.  Knowing that they have a captive audience, the seafood places charge way too much but usually dress things up a little just to make people think they are getting something special.  I guess that compared to eating at home, it is sort of fancy.

Rules?  What rules?
Rules? What rules? Not the enforcer this week!
Beach food!
Beach food!

So the last few nights, we have eaten at some pretty nice places.  We spend way too much money on food but it is nice to go wild now and then.  Anyhow, the restaurants we have been to must seem pretty fancy to the kids I guess.  Yesterday Isaac asked if we had to go to any more fancy restaurants.  They were deemed fancy I guess because they set the tables with a salad fork and a dinner fork.  Two forks = fancy!

Good food! Good food!

What it really comes down to is that we wouldn’t let the kids burp at the table and hang spoons on their noses.  That is all it takes to make a restaurant fancy.  I guess it is quite a step up from cattle chutes at the local fast food joints we sometimes endure at home.  We were wandering through one of the nearby beach stores after supper one night and the kids identified a sign that more aptly summarizes their views on their type of restaurant.

No farting!

I guess it isn’t supper until the conversations turns to that subject!

5 thoughts on “Not another fancy restaurant!

  1. I can’t remember the last time I saw a Ghostbusters t-shirt but I’m guessing it was at least two decades ago! It is the perfect shirt for a ‘fancy’ restaurant because something like that never goes out of style.

    Do your kids even know what the symbol stands for?

  2. It cracks me up too Ed…fancy in a t-shirt! Anyhow, they definitely know about Ghostbusters! We have attempted to properly school both kids in all things related to the 1980s. I think it helps them understand why their parents are so weird!

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