Dark times

Friends, these are dark times.  No really…it is still dark at my house.  No power for 5-7 days or so is what I heard somewhere.  It is really strange as usually we can see lights somewhere around us since we live on top of a hill.  This time, there are no lights anywhere.  Everyone is without power.

In the summer, that isn’t too big a deal.  It’s hot but the generator will run a few fans and lights so we are fine.  In the winter, however, the cold gets to be a pretty big drag.  Remember a few weeks ago I got a kerosene heater at the junk sale?  Well I am pleased to report that it works great!  Our house was still 57 degrees last night but that’s warmer than it was when we started!  We had ventilation and 2 carbon monoxide detectors so we were being safe.  All of our appliances are electric so it was an all around uncomfortable evening.  Luckily, since we had snow, we took everything from the ice box and put it out in the snow banks.

Kerosene heater
Kerosene heater – what a pretty glow!

It was weird to look out of the area where there are normally hundreds of lights.  Last night, there were only a few that coincided with the roar of the generators stationed nearby.  Even with those running, it was so much more quiet than normal.  Kind of weird.

I guess the other weird thing is that Emily and I decided to replace one shower head last night in the dark…I guess we finally had nothing else to do but a little light house work.  Our house was so odd to listen to without the normal buzz of electrical things as well.  I could hear the kids talking and the cats walking across the floors.  I heard a few creaks and groans too…she was cold too I suppose.

I guess that, even as much as some aspects of this outtage suck, there are some neat things that happen around home that I normally wouldn’t take the time to notice.  Maybe dark times are good every now and then…

Edit:  Power came back on around 9pm Wednesday!

7 thoughts on “Dark times

  1. A week of darkness is going to be a drag as time goes on. Are the schools closed for the duration? If so send the family up here. We’re warm and lighted. Would love to have you. Of course you are welcome too but I assume you have to work since you have electric. The quiet reminds me of 9/11 here. So strange to not hear the normal sounds that are around us all the time.

  2. In our old house we had a gas grill and a wood burning fireplace so there was never any worries. However with this house, the wood burning fireplace isn’t yet operable and the gas grill is out of gas. The latter I can fix easily but the wood burning fireplace is going to take quite a bit of time and a fair bit of money. For the first time, I am thinking about perhaps picking up a generator to at least run the fan on the central heater and perhaps a light or two.

  3. Glad to hear that you were able to get back home. A warm and lit office still doesn’t compare to a cold house as long as you’re surrounded by family.

  4. We had an ice storm a few years back that knocked the power out for a week. That storm totally changed our attitude about how we would be prepared for storms in our future. Generator and extra gas always, a new wood stove that can maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the house and a ample and dry supply of wood. I hope y’all stay comfortable and safe for the duration.

  5. I am thinking a long power outage would really stir up your creative juices! You and Emily would have been fine pioneers. Butch would have been too. I would have perished.

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