Hurricane Sandy brought snow to our neck of the woods.  Sometime over night it started snowing and really blowing and this morning, there was a bunch of that white garbage on the ground and hanging in the trees, many of which still had leaves.  Add wet, heavy snow to trees with leaves and you have a winter power-outtage mess!

Snow in October Snow in October

I shoveled the driveway this morning.  We have a bad driveway.  Of course, in WV, most driveways are bad.  Anyhow, ours is on a hill and has a slight curve at the bottom.  It connects to a single lane road with an 8 or so foot drop to the houses below us.  So, I slid down the driveway in spite of its being shoveled and onto the single lane road.  As I tried to navigate to the main road, I slid sideways across said road and had my tires at the edge of the drop-off.  Ugh.  I shoveled a bunch of the road and was able to slide sideways (no exaggeration) down onto the main road.  So my driveway is a hill and my access to the main road is a hill.  I nearly bit it on both roads…

Snow in October Snow in October

Since I couldn’t get back home, I decided to go on to the office…which had no power.  Ugh.  It’s still snowing and blowing and we still have no power at the house.  Obviously the power came back at the office (where this website resides on a server in my office) so I guess it could be worse…except my poor family is stranded at home without power.  Poor them.

Snow in October

Well, it sort of sucks here but everyone is ok and we are nowhere near as bad off as many other folks so I count my blessings.  Stay thirsty safe my friends…

17 thoughts on “Snowpocalypse!

  1. We faired better than you. We had about 2 inches of rain since yesterday morning. No snow. Temperatures in the 40’s. Wind didn’t cause any problems. Don’t you wish you lived in Northwestern PA like us?

  2. It just ain’t fair…you get to have all of the fun !!!!
    Us dang yankee’s here in the Great State of Michigan are still waiting for our first snowfall. All Sandy has given us is wind and rain so far.

  3. So, my main question is—why were you out in your car in the first place? You admitted that the power was originally out at the office. What are you going to do tonight? Sleeping at the office, albeit with power/heat, is not very comfy.

  4. Looks like our Halloween last year!
    Just heavy winds and rain here in East Virginia.
    Methinks you should have stayed home to play pioneer with the family!

  5. GW – I would trade all the heat you get for all of our snow any day…I like warm…I hate snow!

    Natalie – it is so wet and nasty…I am going to huddle up in whimper

    Ceecee – When I first started down the driveway, I didn’t know the power was out…by the time I was all messed up in the snow, I couldn’t get back up the drive/road so I decided to go for it. Won’t be doing that again! Anyhow, we very well may stay at the office tonight. Luckily it is pretty well suited to camping…we have a nice kitchen, showers, tv, etc…not bad at all!

  6. caprilis – I think you are right…it is still snowing here and the power outtages are getting worse as more heavy snow accumulates on branches…it’s going to be an interesting night!

  7. Did you happen to bring the cots with you so you have some place to lay your heads? Still no snow here. 42degrees. Still think you should consider Northwestern PA.

  8. Being the only West By God Virginian I know, I thought of you a time or two over the last day. Glad to see you at least have a refuge that is electrified. I love big snow storms and power outages as long as I have plenty of wood and a fireplace.

  9. WARREN! Why didn’t you stay home??? Of course if you had, we wouldn’t know you were ok.
    I am so glad you are all safe. I’m with Lisa, you should have done an Ingalls and played pioneer! Be careful on your ride home, whenever that is!

  10. Oh bummer. We had high winds, rain, and flurries, but nothing like that.

    Once I had to drive back from Northern Virginia in a snow storm. It took me 8 hours instead of 4, and I couldn’t make it over the mountain to my house. So a neighbor drove over the mountain on a 4 wheeler to pick me up. It was funny riding on a 4 wheeler in a big storm over the mountain while wearing a business suit!!

    Hope your family gets power very soon!!

  11. I hope things are looking up. That driveway/road/power business sounds like a peach. A rotten one.
    But more importantly, YOU’RE IN WV?! It’s my new favorite state. We drove through it on the way back from regular (lame) Virginia and it was sooooo beautiful. Maybe not RIGHT NOW, but I’m excited to visit that place again.

  12. We all survived but do not have power. In fact, apparently 50% of Charleston is without power. That’s nuts! Anyhow, it was a chilly night but we had sleeping bags and it was ok. We hear 5-7 days until we get power back. I am guess it will be that or longer for us…we are at the end of the line so who knows!

  13. Kate – yeah, we love WV! It is beautiful here and the opportunities to do stuff are great here. My wife is from here so I am a transplant but I love it…we have been back for 7 years (7 years today for me as a matter of fact!)

    And we call the other Virginia “East Virginia”.

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