We just aren’t dog people

A couple of years ago I got a wild hair…I am a sucker and looked at the local pet shelter’s web site and felt like I needed to get a dog.  I had a dog as a kid and it seemed easy to have a dog.  Fast forward a few years…I am not a dog person…neither is anyone else in my house.  As a parent, not a kid, I see that it isn’t easy to have a dog.  Ginny is a really great dog, as dogs go.  We just don’t care all that much for dogs.

Dogs aren’t easy, I have learned.  I didn’t want to have an outside-only dog so it is a constant battle letting her out, cleaning her muddy feet, keeping her from enjoying the delicacies in the cats’ litter box, etc.

I can’t just turn her loose or let her go to someone who would be cruel to her, so friends, is there any one of you who would like a really great dog?  She’s house trained and a really friendly dog who loves cats and kids.  Please help me find a family for Ginny that will really enjoy her company and give her the attention she needs.  I’ll set you up with everything you need!

6 thoughts on “We just aren’t dog people

  1. Thanks Ceecee…I hate to even consider sending her off but she isn’t getting what a dog needs from us. I would rather she be with folks who are dog people who will just love her to pieces…

  2. We had to give away our Bella in August. Its tough, even for non-dog people. Her new family came to one of our garage sales and their children fell in love with her. People need to connect with your dog first. Good luck.

  3. I am not a dog person either. As sweet as Katie was, she was a pain. She was my first and last dog.
    There is a wonderful family out there that will love to take her off your hands, you have already done the hard work of training her!

    Are you guys getting all of that snow I heard about? I am praying for all the people I “know” in harms way. Bless you and your People.

  4. She’s so cute Warren. She is so tempting and since I live nearby it would be so easy to get her. We are dog people but we don’t like a bigger dog in the house. I’d hate to put her outside and let her run free like my dogs do when she’s been a house dog. I’m not sure if my older dog would like it either. I will keep her in mind though. It really is tempting. I do love dogs but my husband doesn’t like animals as much as I do…

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