It’s West Virginia Day!

Today is the sesquicentennial of the creation of the great state of West Virginia!  You see, there was a disagreement on how things ought to go, known as the Civil War.  Due to the mountainous terrain, slavery was not really profitable so it was more common in eastern Va than in western VA.  When the VA legislature decided to count 3/5 of the slaves when setting up representation, western VA residents were not happy.  The people of the region that is now WV did not feel properly represented and saw an opportunity for independence from VA by seceding and joining the Union.  Residents of western and northern counties set up a separate government under Francis Pierpont in 1861, which they called the “restored” government. Most voted to separate from Virginia, and the new state was admitted to the Union in 1863. In 1864 a state constitutional convention drafted a constitution, which was ratified by the legislature without putting it to popular vote.  West Virginia was the only state to form by seceding from a Confederate state and was one of two states formed during the American Civil War (the other being Nevada, which separated from Utah Territory).  Personally, I think they should have called Virginia, East Virginia to clarify that we are indeed separate entities.  Many people outside the region still think we are one state, united with East Virginia.  As a small protest, I always call “Virginia” “East Virginia”…so take that!

WV SealWV Counties

Although I am not a native, I have been a part of WV since 1990 when I first came to the state to attend West Virginia Wesleyan College.  That happens to be the same place I met my lovely wife when she accosted me from the library and made me drink hot chocolate with her back at her dorm room.  She’s a native.  We spent a few years away doing schooling and stuff but we were delighted to move back to WV in 2005.  All of her people are here and this is where I will live the rest of my days if it is up to me.

Simple gifts

Simple things…


WV Sesquicentennial license plate The WV Capitol At the Greenbrier

The new license plate, the capitol and a view from the Greenbrier 


WV mountain flowers WV Mountain Flowers

Flowers in the WV mountains

West Virginia is the only state that is entirely within the area commonly defined as Appalachia.  To some people, Appalachia is a negative term, but to me, it means something special.  Typical stereotypes paint Appalachia with ugly traditions such as moonshining and clan feuding, and often portray the region’s inhabitants as uneducated and prone to impulsive acts of violence.  Some of that is true, but there are ugly things everywhere.  Rather, I prefer to think of West Virginians as quiet and kind folks who value simple living and the land and family.  The music and mountains and old traditions of WV run deep and make WV naturally a different culture than much of Virginia.  The state motto, “Montani Semper Liberi” means “Mountaineers are always free” and absolutely represents the mindset that outsiders perceive incorrectly as backwardness or mistrust of outsiders rather than as fierce independence and pride in one’s home.

View from a WV ridgetop

Panorama from a WV ridgetop

To me, West Virginia is a lot about a way of life.  There is rugged beauty here and an abundance of natural, awe-inspiring landscape.  It’s about front porch sitting and gardening and being surrounded closely by the mountains that help feed me both physically and spiritually.  WV is about people and history and simplicity and freedom.  WV is home to me and my family and will always be where I return.  It’s home and I am so glad to help celebrate it’s 150 anniversary!

5 thoughts on “It’s West Virginia Day!

  1. Well. This is great… thank you! I had no idea.
    And do you think it would be going too far to
    call your great state Best Virginia?!
    Happy Anniversary, Best West Virginia… you have a lot going for you!

  2. Sadly I must say that that the Civil War was not as much about slavery as it was about the states rights to allow it. In the north they had slavery under a different name….indentured servants. One of the ways to be sold into servitude follows: Many a family from Ireland was sold into indentured servitude. Most were split up. In Ireland the welfare system of the day was that the poor in a PARISH (think mini-county) were taken care of by the rest of the parish. Due to the famine, it was cheaper to buy them passage to America than feed them. However the price of passage did not include food and water. Upon arrival the ship’s captain sold them into servitude to pay off their highly inflated debt to the ship. So they ended up doing slave work for 5 to 20 years before they were set free. Also at that time there was a huge immigration of Irish moving to the south where they worked cheaper than the cost of owning slaves. These are facts that anyone can look up. I believe that eventually slavery would have ended anyway just by the economic conditions.

  3. Is it sad that I was born and raised in WV and didn’t really know that? lol I guess I wasn’t interested in history when I was a kid in school. 😉 I will join your protest and starting calling Virginia, East Virginia! 🙂 It drives me NUTS that there are people who have no idea that West Virginia is a State! Great post Warren!

  4. We celebrated our sesquicentennial almost two decades ago. I had no idea that there were states created to the east of us afterwards. Learn something new everyday.

  5. You are a FINE adopted son Warren!!!
    I believe The Mitten is 176 this year.

    “Typical stereotypes paint Appalachia with ugly traditions such as moonshining and clan feuding, and often portray the region’s inhabitants as uneducated and prone to impulsive acts of violence. Some of that is true, but there are ugly things everywhere.”
    To validate your point, this description could be Detroit….without the moonshining.

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