She’s still hangin’ in there

Today is a very important day.  It’s Emily’s birthday!  She’s hangin’ in there pretty well too!  She wouldn’t want to make a big deal about her birthday but I am so pleased to let you, dear friends, know about this special day!  I do not think we have any important plans for the day.  We may go out to eat or something along those lines but birthdays are pretty funny when you are an adult.  I think we may go see the fireworks at the Capitol tonight.  They are only partially for the sesquicentennial celebration for the state…no, they are mostly for celebrating the birth of Emily two score and one years ago!

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I got her a few special gifts but those are still a secret.  She always accuses me of getting practical rather than thoughtful gifts.  This year is only partially different.  I got her one of each.  It’s hard for me to think of things that aren’t practical.  It’s just not in my nature so she sort of has to suffer a little of that.  Of course, I get to suffer the result of her suffering so I guess it works out.  Anyhow, I am pretty pleased with one present.  She accused me of waiting until the last minute to get the thoughtful gift but I have been working on it for over a month.  That’s planning in my book!  I hope it reminds her that I am pleased to be celebrating with her and that frying pans aren’t the only gifts I can buy!

So, here’s to another trip around the Sun and to another celebration I get to share with Emily.  Happy birthday to my favorite wife!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Warren’s favorite, long suffering wife!!! You are a gem and I hope you have a fantabulous year!
    That first picture so reminds me of Abigail, anyone else think so?

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