An early end to “No kiss November”

Many men (and some women) take part in an annual tradition called No-shave November aka Novembeard aka Movember aka Brovember wherein participants agree not  to shave all or part of their faces for the 11th month of the year.

1 week beard
1 week beard

I sort of participated this year.  We had some events and things going on early in the month so I didn’t really start until the 18th.  As soon as I told Emily that I planned to start, she re-named the month  “No-kiss November”.  I got a good solid week of growth in before it drove me nuts…I mean before the “no-kiss” part drove me nuts…itchy beard?  Not a problem at all!

Half way shaved
Half way shaved

So last night I decided to shave it off and return to humanity (and kisses).  As with most of my spur-of-the-moment decisions, I started this one late in the evening.  It takes awhile to mow the man-beard and it causes all sorts of pain and emotional distress.

Newly shaved!
Newly shaved!

When I was finally done, I ran into the bedroom to announce to Emily that I had ended “No-kiss November” a  little early.  She rolled over, having been asleep already , and told me to shut up as she was in the middle of a good dream…

3 thoughts on “An early end to “No kiss November”

  1. I started mine late October and am going into early January. It is already my most glorious beard yet. I may actually try the front-to-back combover.

  2. I started right after Halloween and plan to keep it until Easter depending on how early or late it is. If we have a late Easter I shave it early because I just can’t stand having one if it is halfway warm out. Fortunately I am not shunned from kisses when I grow one or I probably wouldn’t grow one either.

    I only learned of Brovember just a week ago when someone asked me if I was participating. They looked puzzled when I puzzledly said I didn’t think so. Only after they explained the concept did we get on the same page.

  3. This is Mousey’s very FAVORITE month of the year!!! She is a fan of the scruff!
    On the other hand, neither Butch or The Boy could grow a beard if you held a gun to their heads! Even for a YEAR!
    Glad you gave Emily something to be thankful for!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Friend Warren!

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