Old school popcorn

I wandered the grocery store awhile back, probably hunting for something important.  That’s why I found myself in the snack food aisle.  I hadn’t noticed it in a long time, but before my eyes, hidden on a low shelf, was a Jiffy-Pop popcorn pan!  I didn’t know they still made Jiffy-Pop!  I really thought pretty much all popcorn had gone the microwave-bag route…an American tragedy I say.

Jiffy Pop!

Jiffy Pop! It’s still a thing!

Well, I was so excited that I just had to buy the formerly-metal-now-space-age-fireproof-cardboard  pan of popcorn.  Of course, with this magical new pan, it recommends not cooking over a grill or a glass-top range…but that’s all I have so I dared the popcorn fates and fired up the glass range (which we hate).  Heck, we use a huge canner on it breaking that rule too!  I ain’t skeered….and darned if it didn’t pop just fine!

It's alive!
It’s alive!

I was so excited to hear the sizzle of the faux-butter and the first pops.  I dragged the kids in to hear, fully expecting they would be as delighted as I was when we made Jiffy-Pop at home when I was a kid…it was a magical time, the 1970s.  My kids were less inspired by the magic.  It’s a shame I guess…they know Led Zepplin, Rush and Jim Croce.  They know how to dial a rotary phone and have seen all episodes of the Dukes of Hazzard!  They now know Jiffy-Pop but are not as enamored with it as they should be…or as they are with the Duke boys.  I don’t understand kids these days I guess…Oh wait…did I just say that?!

8 thoughts on “Old school popcorn

  1. Yet another thing I will now have to talk to my daughter about. She couldn’t figure out what the window crank was in my parent’s old car so I know she wouldn’t know what jiffypop was!

  2. Ed – my parents still had a rotary phone until a year or so ago as well as bunch of other stuff from way back…I love to think about it now and then and there are so many neat things we got to do back then…and I never thought I would ever say that…

  3. I bought some Jiffy Pop popcorn about 3 years ago or so thinking it would impress my kids too! lol It didn’t faze them at all either! I remember when my mom bought it and what a treat a novelty it was back then. Not to the kids today…. They are SPOILED I tell ya! SPOILED rotten! I think the popcorn tasted stale too when I bought it. We don’t have a microwave so I buy my popcorn and actually pop it on my gas stove. It is the best that way I think. Last week I bought some Amish popcorn from the Halfway Market in Milton that was the large kernels for caramel popcorn. I’m really liking it. I made some tonight! 🙂

  4. My mom always made it on the stove too…it was great. We made it on the campfire outside sometimes too. I also love homemade caramel corn she used to make…I need to get after her about that!

  5. My mom would hardly ever buy things like that and the one time I can remember she did, it burned! She had a corn popper that you put oil in, not at all a fire hazzard! She finally graduated to an air popper.
    Maybe it was stale because it was FROM the 70s!!!!!
    We started using our air popper more after reading about how the microwave chemical bags were not so good for you.
    Hey, speaking of popcorn, we haven’t used our air popper in a long time, it might be time to haul it out and get popping!

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