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Old school popcorn

I wandered the grocery store awhile back, probably hunting for something important.  That’s why I found myself in the snack food aisle.  I hadn’t noticed it in a long time, but before my eyes, hidden on a low shelf, was a Jiffy-Pop popcorn pan!  I didn’t know they still made Jiffy-Pop!  I really thought pretty much all popcorn had gone the microwave-bag route…an American tragedy I say.

Jiffy Pop!

Jiffy Pop! It’s still a thing!

Well, I was so excited that I just had to buy the formerly-metal-now-space-age-fireproof-cardboard  pan of popcorn.  Of course, with this magical new pan, it recommends not cooking over a grill or a glass-top range…but that’s all I have so I dared the popcorn fates and fired up the glass range (which we hate).  Heck, we use a huge canner on it breaking that rule too!  I ain’t skeered….and darned if it didn’t pop just fine!

It's alive!
It’s alive!

I was so excited to hear the sizzle of the faux-butter and the first pops.  I dragged the kids in to hear, fully expecting they would be as delighted as I was when we made Jiffy-Pop at home when I was a kid…it was a magical time, the 1970s.  My kids were less inspired by the magic.  It’s a shame I guess…they know Led Zepplin, Rush and Jim Croce.  They know how to dial a rotary phone and have seen all episodes of the Dukes of Hazzard!  They now know Jiffy-Pop but are not as enamored with it as they should be…or as they are with the Duke boys.  I don’t understand kids these days I guess…Oh wait…did I just say that?!