Honey moon

So last night at 12:11 am, we witnessed the first honey moon (also known as strawberry moon) that happened to fall on a Friday the 13th, in almost 100 years.  I stayed up until around midnight to try to take some pics of the moon hoping to see its yellow tint, the reason it is called a honey moon.

The full moon nearest the Summer Solstice is at its perigee or the time when it is closest to the Earth and lowest in the sky.  Since it is low in the sky, it appears to be much larger than normal, due to a trick that our brains pull on us…it’s called the moon illusion (see possible explanation here).  Add to that the effects of pollution and dust in the atmosphere which reflect light differently, and you end up with a larger-than-normal yellow colored moon.

Full honey moon
Full honey moon

So I wandered out late last night in my boxers and gum boots to take a few pics.  They aren’t high def amazing shots, but I think they came out pretty neat in a creepy-cool kind of way.

Right before our real honeymoon
Right before our real honeymoon

The other fun fact is that today, Emily and I are taking a sort of get-away weekend to celebrate (a little early) our 20 year wedding anniversary…so we have a honey moon kicking off a second  sort of honeymoon!  It must be a good omen!

4 thoughts on “Honey moon

  1. Didn’t know that factoid or I might have gone outside in the boxers to take a few pictures… of the moon that is.

  2. Happy early Anniversary!! You were just babies when you got married and a couple of beautiful babies to boot. Congratulations!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! You two are like peas and carrots! Beautiful picture!
    I thought the moon looked orangy from The Mitten.

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