This week, Emily and I are MANKs….Married Adults, No Kids!  The kids went home with my parents last weekend after a visit here in WV.  We have done that several summers but this year is a good bit longer…all told, they will be in PA for 12 days!  Emily and I do not know what to do with ourselves!

My lovely kids!
My lovely kids!

Of course, we love the kids and love being with them, but we have had very little time for just the two of us.  It seems like there were just two of us when we got married, but that was a long time ago so it is hard to remember!  It’s a little weird, but it sort of feels like when we were first married!  We went out to eat a time or two, saw a late movie, stayed up too late, went grocery shopping in peace, ate without breaking up a fight, took walks, and talked about whatever we wanted to, whenever we wanted to.

While it is fantastic having kids and being with the kids, I gotta say, being a MANK again is a nice change…but just for a little while…

6 thoughts on “MANKs

  1. Ooooooh! I can’t wait until I’m old enough, or perhaps more appropriately, my kids are old enough that I can become a MANK!

  2. We’re have fun too. It’s been a long time since we’ve had kids. Almost forgot how great it is with teenagers and preteens. Going to Cook Forest tomorrow if it doesn’t rain, powwow Saturday and train ride Sunday. Will hate to return them. By the way nice to have a mower again (Isaac) and a crafter (Abigail).

  3. It’s so WEIRD isn’t it???!!! When Honey, sorry, Butch and I went to Florida alone a few years ago, it was the first time we had been manks since The Boy was 6 months old!!!!! Even for a weekend!!!
    After that first trip Butch gave me the nicest compliment ever, he said “I could retire with you”. Hunk.Of.Honey!!!
    Love ALL the stages!

  4. Agree with Capri. Loved every stage with the kids and now am enjoying time with Hubby and also the different stages with the grandkids. All fun and great times.

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