First day of school – 2014

I can’t believe Summer is over!  Well, school has started anyhow…so Summer might as well be over.  Since almost everything is about me, I have to lament that now, with the start of school, I have to start getting up earlier and fight traffic around the schools that I must pass to get to work in the morning.

First day of school 2014
First day of school 2014

Well, I guess it isn’t really all about me.  The early-morning-rise is more drastic for the kids who have been sleeping in until 10 am.  They have to do homework each night and dress in…well…clothes each day as opposed to sleep-wear.  I think both kids were excited mostly and were ready to go back to school though going back this early does feel a little like we truncated our Summer.  Mostly, though, I was more wound up than either of them.  I had butterflies last night and this morning as we waited for the bus.  I ran through my checklist of stuff…pencils and paper, lunch, coonskin hat, binders, agenda, phone…it takes a lot to be a kid in school these days.

First day of school 2014

This is Isaac’s first year in high school and Abigail’s first year in middle school.  Both are significant changes which scares the daylights out of me.  How can it be that my sweet little children are becoming people…er…I mean how can it be that they are growing up?!  Isaac is taller than me and Abigail is nearly as tall as Emily.  They have grown-up voices and wear grown-up sized clothes.  They watch The Daily Show and understand it.  They are starting to think about what they want to do for a living and where they might go to college.  It’s scary!  I think that means I must be a grown-up too!  Terrifying!

It’s true you know…one day you are holding your newborn baby, the next day they are shaving eating two full helpings and casting a shadow bigger than mine…don’t blink!

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3 thoughts on “First day of school – 2014

  1. You can’t believe your kids are that old just think about another 30 years and how old they’ll be and how old you’ll be. Well that’s where I’m at and it’s your first day of school. At least it seems like it was just yesterday for me. I love and miss those days so much. Thanks for sharing your memories in the making. Loved our visit this weekend.

  2. Your kids are getting SO big!!!!!
    I agree with your Mom up above, it goes way too fast. But all the years have their own charm.
    Hope the kids have a great school year, and Emily too!!!

  3. How were you more nervous for the beginning of school than me? I was just hoping I would be on the correct floor at least half the time. ; )

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