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Soccer 2013

Soccer is back in season for both kids.  It’s a great time of year but also a bad time of year.  We love the game and the kids on the teams and the fun but we quickly get tired of non-stop running.  I am the head coach for the middle school team on which Isaac plays.  Especially now, in the time leading up to the start of games, practice makes us very busy.  We try to practice 5 days a week for a couple hours each night.  I have to contact other coaches to schedule games and there are always meetings to attend.

I really enjoy the boys and I have coached a large number of them in rec-league and middle school since they were 7 or so years old.  I have a great group of boys and I look forward to watching them succeed.  It’s really tough this year, however, since Isaac cannot play…at least not yet.  It’s not clear whether he will play at all, honestly, but we are hopeful.  It’s more than a little frustrating for both of us.  I do like coaching the boys but the best part of it would have been the opportunity to coach my own son.  His blood clot seems to be on the mend but he is still on blood thinners and cannot play because of the risk of a hard contact that would cause a dangerous bleed.

I am definitely committed to the boys on this team, but I just wish things could be a little different.  Isaac still gets to come to practice to participate in the non-contact drills but he does not enjoy having to sit out for the majority of each practice.  I figure it is good for him to be around friends though and also to see me follow through with a commitment.  Our games start next week so I figure that the team spirit will carry us all once things get rolling along.  Wish us luck dear friends!

So, this has been a better week

Thank you so much friends, for sharing with us your thoughts, prayers and well-wishes. Isaac has come a long way since last week and we are all much relieved with where we are headed. We were discharged last Sunday from Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, OH. It was a long ride home as Isaac was still in a lot of pain and we were pretty nervous about what we were in store for.

Getting better
Getting better

We saw the local hematologist on Tuesday and he upped Isaac’s warafrin and continued his lovenox shots. Lovenox shots hurt like crazy and really suck. Isaac’s mood was in pretty bad shape and his pain continued for several days. One day, I can’t remember which, a lot of his pain just went away and he was able to move about a lot better. Each day we see improvement and he can walk short distances and almost looks normal in his gait.

We have had a few more blood draws and warfarin adjustments and things appear to be leveled out. That means no more lovenox too! That fact alone changed Isaac’s mood dramatically. Over this weekend, his appetite also returned. A co-worker of mine bought Isaac a multi-pack of candy bars and he has been plowing into that pretty hard. I am not sure how many healthy calories he has ingested but we have been pretty flexible in just about everything anyhow.

We have more blood draws, probably two a week for a few weeks and then we just wait and see what happens. Isaac has gotten into a much better place emotionally which means that Emily and I have also. His pain persists but it is so much better than it was so I think he is tolerating it pretty well. We don’t yet know how school will work and whether he will be able to sit/walk all day without support so we may have to deal with crutches. We have a few weeks before we worry about that anyhow.

I don’t know whether I am conveying it well, but we are so much better off than we were last week and Isaac feels a lot closer to normal. So friends, please keep thinking of Isaac and I’ll give updates as we get them!