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Braces – the final act (I hope)

Well, it’s official…3/4 of my family are now in braces of some form (at least the payments tell me so).  Isaac had his braces installed 2 weeks ago and has only recently stopped complaining about how they hurt.  I didn’t figure I should approach him about taking a picture until it was safe.

The faces of Isaac - part 1
Yikes! The faces of Isaac - part 2

Anyhow, now that they are in place, he is doing well with them although having to give up Twix bars has been pretty tough.  In the car, right before he was scheduled to go into get the braces installed, he was plowing through mini-Twix bars as fast as he could!  That’s my boy!

The faces of Isaac - part 3

There are little bands of some sort that you get when the put braces on.  I think there must be 2 dozen colors from which he could choose but he decided on navy.  He claims that he will get navy every time (apparently they change them now and then).  It must be the black/rotten teeth look he is going for…or maybe he wants to be dark and mysterious.  Anyhow, they look good and we can already tell a big difference in the space between his front teeth.


When we started with Abigail’s teeth, we figured we’d have to change our vacation schedule…into taking rides about the city on public transportation.  Now that Isaac’s have started, I think my only travel will be to Walmart to my second job!