Braces – Caller 2

A little over a year ago, I was fitted with Invisalign orthodontic appliances (doesn’t that sound fancy?!).  I am still wearing them and my teeth are much straighter.  I know, it’s hard to imagine that I could be any more handsome, but my teeth are so much straighter now and I do look different (at least my Mom always told me I was a little different…) and better I think.  I don’t know how much longer I have to wear them but I am in the refinement stage now for what it’s worth.

Anyhow, a funny thing about moving your mouth around…blowing your nose doesn’t work the same.  At least for me, blowing my nose is something I am still trying to figure out.  My mouth is just shaped differently now and I sometimes blow all of the air out through my mouth rather than my nose.  I know…gross, right?  Sorry but it’s real here.

Ok, so the real reason I am writing is to report that Abigail now has expanders in her mouth.  I know this is hard to believe, but apparently she has a small mouth.  All of her teeth won’t fit in the space she has naturally so the doc is spreading her mouth wider before he attaches the regular old-fashioned braces.  So, her top expander is glued into her head while her bottom expander is removable.  Like any good kid with orthodontia, she misplaces and/or forgets it all the time.  Really though, she is doing a great job with it which makes this all easier.  We periodically have to spin a little dial on the pieces to open them a bit wider – that’s the stretch part.  As you can imagine, it is a popular event.

A few months from now, I suppose she will get her regular braces.  In the meantime, Isaac is having braces installed in a week or two.  No one doubts that his mouth is big enough!  So, if you are counting, that will make three of us in braces at the same time!  Oh, how exciting!

In other news, for our vacation this year we will be traveling about the city on public transit buses just to see what we can see.  I think they sell group passes, don’t they?  With a bald-headed discount too, right?  And I have a coupon…

7 thoughts on “Braces – Caller 2

  1. I had one of those things. It was unpleasant. Not just my parents having to turn the thing (they took turns, they both hated doing it), but I would get choked on nearly everything. Spaghetti would get caught and dangle down my throat, forget hot pizza. And cleaning the thing? Ugh, gross, food just loved to gather up there.

    Of course it was all worth it, though. 🙂

  2. Doesn’t sound like fun at all but to make a beautiful girl more georgeous I guess it’s worth it. As for Isaac better to go through the pain now than when he’s an adult….right dad?

  3. I had braces 3 times! Once when I was 12. Then again when I was 21. Good grief you just made me remember that I still hand them when I was 34! Sigh…. Anyway, I had the removable expander. I would turn mine a half a turn every other day instead of 3 turns in one day like they suggested. It didn’t hurt as bad and it accomplished the same thing.

  4. The Boy had that and Mousey had one on top and bottom. The sucking sound to clear the food out of them at mealtimes was kind of disgusting. But they both have sparkling beauties now!

    Braces already? Does Abigail even have all her big teeth yet?

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