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A little help

So, we are already crazy cat people.  Since we have lived in WV, we have adopted 3 cats that have ended up on our doorstep (we already had one when we moved here).  Four cats is all we can handle along with our dog, Ginny.  The cats continue to pour in though and “Momma cat”,  who is involved in a great love affair with Ginny, decided to go and get pregnant a few months ago to some gigolo-cat passing through.  She birthed 5 kittens under our shed and they are adorable.  She is tame but her kittens initially appeared to be completely wild.  I have been hanging outside some at night as they come in to eat the food we give them.


One kitten has made up with me in a big way.  She is cute as can be and is now completely tame.  I cannot bear to take her to the shelter (which is where the others are headed as soon as I trap them), but I cannot take any more into the house.  Does anyone have interest in a sweet little kitten?  I will pay to have her de-clawed, fixed, whatever if someone will take her.  Please…I need a little help!