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Confirmed…he’s a rooster

So I mentioned the other day, that I have a bunch of chickens, one of which I thought might be a rooster.  He runs the hens around and very clearly is the boss of the coop.  He has pointy saddle feathers and he’s huge compared to the other birds.  Still, I was sold hens so I held out hope that “Licorice” was just a bossy hen.  I mean, each bird has her (or his) own personality so I thought I might still be ok.

Of course, the kids are out of town with my folks, so Emily and I have enjoyed quiet sleep.  On Monday morning, however, at almost exactly 6 am, we heard a sort of ill-formed warble that turned into a rooster-like sound.  He practiced a few more times and finally let out a few real rooster crows.  By 6:15, he was done.  I was able to visibly catch him in the act at one point because I didn’t want to mistakenly pin maleness on Licorice if it were really Beatrice doing the crowing.

Licorice, my "hen" that isn't a hen
Licorice, my “hen” that isn’t a hen

Emily didn’t hear him crow another single time the rest of the day or evening.  Tuesday morning, he was at it again from 6 until 6:15 am and then he was quiet.  That wouldn’t really bother me, but we do live in the city and have neighbors fairly close-by.  I will definitely talk to them and make sure they aren’t terribly inconvenienced, but city ordinances do stipulate that while hens are legit in the city, roosters are definitely not.

I talked to a few friends who could have roosters but neither needed him so unless someone else turns up who needs a rooster, Licorice will make us a fine dinner this weekend.  I hate to see him go as he is a pretty bird and really pretty gentle with humans, but I do not want trouble from the city or my neighbors.  Ultimately, all of the chickens will be eaten as well so this is not a huge deal…just a little sooner than I had planned.

The old stink eye
The old stink eye

Ah well, I guess this is the life of an urban chicken farmer.  I guess you can never truly know whether you have males or females until you get proof…noisy proof…