Just as Summer felt like it got started in the last few weeks, here it is falling into Fall already.  We’re winding up the garden and lots of things are starting to just get that look.  I sort of hate that look.  I am a Spring and Summer creature.  I don’t really have the time of day for Fall or Winter.  I get the Winter blues and cabin fever and the croup and the grumps and the uglies in the Winter.

09_1_2009 017

I am not exactly sure what it is that signals Fall to me.  As I walked around the garden and yard this weekend, a few things just sort of struck me as Fall, but there is more to it than wooly worms (holy cow!  he’s all black…that means a bad Winter!), and corn husks.

09_1_2009 002

And why exactly does a grasshopper feel like Fall to me?  I suppose that is from the movie “A Bug’s Life” where the grasshoppers come in the Fall to steal the bounty of the ants.  Well, this grasshopper was huge.  I sort of had a tingle in the non-existent hairs on the back of my neck thinking he might be able to take me too.

09_1_2009 009

Anyhow, I suppose Fall is here and I will have to return to knitting and eating lots of soup to get me through the Winter.  Does it feel like Fall where you are?  What sorts of things make it feel as though Fall has fallen for you?

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  1. I’m starting to see the first twinges of fall, a few colored leaves here, brown leaves collecting in the flowerbeds, wollybears, dry seed heads on plants, and the occational morning temp in the 40’s – BRRRRRRRR.

    Soup & bread weather is coming quickly.
    .-= Chiot’s Run´s last blog ..Quote of the Day: Alys Fowler =-.

  2. Football season of course!

    It is still fairly hot here. Gets up to about 80-85 during the day.

    I guess once the time changes and it gets darker and cooler at the end of the day, then it really signals the end of summer for me.

  3. It’s fallish up here too. Have seen some trees already turning. Everything in the garden looks like hay! Very CRISP in the mornings too.

    I am looking forward to knitting and soup too!

    Is that true about the wooly worms? Are we going to get socked?
    .-= Capri Kel´s last blog ..Mouse Skillz =-.

  4. Grasshoppers are just creepy. I think they need to get some different coloring and I won’t be so freaked out by them. I knew fall was coming when I drove my son to the bus stop today and it was 50 degrees and I was in a tank top and PJ shorts getting angry with the heater in my car.
    .-= Debbie´s last blog ..Monday, Monday =-.

  5. The ususal cold I get in the fall arrived last Thursday. It will probably hang on for far too long. The leaves have started to fall from some of the maples. A little early for that though. Give me spring and summer again.

  6. Sugar maples are starting to turn in some areas here in western Michigan. But for me, fall has truly started when I see the goldenrod start to bloom. I started spotting them about 10 days ago or so.

  7. Apples are very near to being ready, so I guess there are some things I do enjoy about this time of year. Tonight, I intend to dust off the cider press and run our first batch through…

  8. I hear that grasshoppers are good food. Or so says my buddy Andrew Zimern on the Bizzare Foods TV show. And that big boy looked like a full meal. Maybe you should give ’em a try.
    .-= Gary Dillon´s last blog ..simple sunday =-.

  9. I’ve only been here in South Central Texas since 2007, so am still getting a feel for the markers of the changing seasons. Most times it’s a particular scent, or a shift in the prevailing wind direction. This year, it’s been temperatures finally dipping below 90° during the day!
    .-= d.a.´s last blog ..The End of Roosterville =-.

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