My sunny disposition

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Even though I don’t care much for fall and winter, the sunflowers in the garden certainly do a lot to brighten my day during this time of the year.  Initially, it’s hard to get over their size.  Sunflowers are huge.  Maybe they are too huge to even really hold themselves up, but, as I have said before, I love the optimism that they seem to symbolize.  I suppose in the wild economic world in which we live, their bold yet simple existence is just what I need.

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(sorry to the box-elder bugs that I caught in a private moment)

Anyhow, enough of that philosophical stuff…I also am fascinated by the pattern of the seeds in their head and the apparently sweet nectar that draws so many bees and other bugs.  It seems like every time that I look at the sunflowers, they have a new bug climbing on them.  In addition to bouying my mood, they sustain insects in a typically difficult part of the year when most nectar sources dry up.

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I love sunflowers…not like I love Edward Cullen or Mountain Dew, but as far as natural things go, they are the tops in my book!

12 thoughts on “My sunny disposition

  1. There’s just something about having sunflowers in the garden. The garden would not feel complete without them.

  2. Natalie – I think you are right. Tons of stuff can be related to that…Dan Brown does a great job of that in his books! Heehaw, the new one is out too!

    Emily & YD – I def agree on that…

    Capri Kel – I surely do…I’ll post on it when I do it!

    Granny Sue – I use a wordpress plugin called scissors for the copyright thing

    Caprilis – I never thought of that but I bet you’re right!

  3. Beau – I let the birds have some but we seem to beat them to the punch. Do you ever roast seeds? It’s excellent!

    Kim – You sort of described my vision of Heaven…

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