20 Years Strong!

Today Emily and I celebrate our 20 year wedding anniversary!  It’s cliche I suppose, but time has flown and I cannot be any happier to have spent this time with Emily.  She is the best of everything I am and I couldn’t be happier (although I wouldn’t be opposed to hitting the Powerball to verify whether that might make me just a little happier).

20 years together!
20 years together!

We are going to go out somewhere nice to eat tonight and spend a nice relaxing evening enjoying our happy life together!

11 thoughts on “20 Years Strong!

  1. You’re right time has flown! Happy anniversary!! It was greT to see y’all in June. Thx for coming!! Meant a lot. Love you all!!! Will you share with Isaac that I got hearing aids last week. Kids call me robot ears ☺️.

  2. So happy that you have chosen Emily to be a part of our family. She has been a great addition. Love you both and happy anniversary. Hope you have many more celebrations.

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!!!
    And God Bless Emily, she is a patient saint!
    And God Bless you Warren, you are a big old hunk of honey!!!

  4. My brother and I made peanut butter balls for their anniversary. Isaac made an especially large one and said that we should tell them we found it in the litter box…

  5. A belated Happy Anniversary! I hope you took Emily somewhere nice. That’s a long time to put up with you.

  6. Yup…we had a great time. And you’re right…it is a long time for her to put up with me! It’s a wonder she didn’t throw a curling iron in the shower with me!

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