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Poor Abigail.  She has some bones she hasn’t yet broken.  That number is shrinking though.  You may remember a while back she broke her wrist while riding her scooter.  I finally found the x-rays.  I have a real thing for x-rays I guess.  I really like to see what’s happening inside.  It’s just fascinating that we can see inside a body without being Superman and without doing surgery.

Broken wrist x-ray
Can you see the break?

Anyhow, if you check out Abigail’s big arm bone towards the head of the bone, you can see the break.  Not bad (aside from the fact that broken bones are always bad) and she is completely healed by now.

Broken wrist x-ray
I think it is easier to see here

Of course, she couldn’t be completely in one piece.  Last weekend, somehow, she broke her toe.  She didn’t complain much and I don’t remember when it even happened but she started hobbling a little bit.  I looked at her toe and it was bruised badly…like black and blue and red and ugly.  It was her little toe so I figured it was no great loss but Emily wanted to get an x-ray to make sure it was ok.  They headed to the doctor and he confirmed it (but we didn’t get copies of the x-rays).  She has her toes taped together for a few weeks and should be fine.  Still, it’s another broken bone…

X-ray of a healthy wrist
Her other non-broken wrist

I wish I could say this will be our last broken bone report but I know better.  Abigail is growing into her body so I figure there will be more “moments”.  That’s ok and if I had my druthers, I would prefer broken fingers and toes to bigger bones!